Amar Šahinović

Furōzun, static site generator

I've made a simple static site generator (who didn't write one?) that is currently powering this website. It doesn't have many features, but it is exactly what I need.

It's called Furōzun (meaning frozen in Japanese, I hope :D) and you can find the source on github. To use it, just install it with pip, create a directory to hold your blog, and run a few commands :)

You can see the entire procedure to create a simple blog like the one you are reading right now (I assume you have already installed it with pip).

(furozun)[amar@galaxy ~]$ mkdir blog
(furozun)[amar@galaxy ~]$ cd blog/
(furozun)[amar@galaxy blog]$ furozun init
(furozun)[amar@galaxy blog]$ ls -a
./  ../  build/  pages/  static/  templates/  .furozun
(furozun)[amar@galaxy blog]$ furozun
 * Running on
 * Restarting with reloader

After you are done with writing your posts (place them in pages directory), and you customized the templates to your liking, just build everything and upload the content of the build directory to your hosting provider.

(furozun)[amar@galaxy blog]$ furozun build
(furozun)[amar@galaxy blog]$ ls build/
contact/  hello-blog/  static/  index.html

That's all folks!